Rugby Club ,,Jankers''

Rugby Club ,,Jankers''

Rugby Club "Junkers" was founded in Kiketi in 2012. The club was named in honor of the cadets who, in 1921, on the outskirts of Kojor-Tabakhmela, put up a decent resistance to the Red Army and excelled in iron discipline, great dedication and a high level of training.


The Junkers" are the fastest growing rugby club: in 2015 the club was represented only by age teams. During the 2015-2016 rugby season, the club participated in the Georgian Regional (Second) League for the first time; After a successful season in the Regional League, in 2016-2017 the Junkers" won the right to play in the First League and after just two seasons in the Regional League took the place in the "Big 10". The "Junkers" became the first rugby club to be promoted so quickly in the major leagues, which in itself is a unique result. Today the club is facing new challenges, which means the Georgian championship and a worthy participation in the European arena.


At the core of the club's players are loyal players brought up by the "Junkers", most of whom have not played for another club. The "Junkers" are represented in the Georgian national team, U20 and seven-man teams, where they periodically participate in international matches. Players, along with the club, are constantly involved in social campaigns and planned activities. 

Till now: A great team manages at least 18 games, Under 19 - 12 games, Under

17 - 12 games, Adults under the age of 15 participate in rugby festivals on a weekly basis.


The club tries its best to ensure the interest of the younger generation in rugby in different regions and their involvement on behalf of our club, including: in Tsavkisi, Shindisi,Tabakhmela and Kojori.

The „Junkers” have been involved in various social campaigns with team endeavour for years. Every summer (July-August) summer gatherings are held for the players of the „Junkers" in the small town of Kiketi, during which the players prepare for the 19, 17 and  the men's team championship.