The Church of St. Ekvtime in Kiketi

The Church of St. Ekvtime in Kiketi

October 11, 2010. The church of St. Ekvtime was consecrated . On this day, the first liturgy was performed at the Church of St. Ekvtime in Kiketi, and the prayer was led by the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II.

Metropolitan Shio Mujiri and Ioane Gamrekeli, as well as the head of the church, dean Andria Jagmaidze, conducted the Divine Liturgy in the newly consecrated church.

Many congregants attended the blessing of the church, including the founder of the church Levan Vasadze with his family, employees of the "Iakob Gogebashvili School", students, parents, other invited guests and the habitants of Kiketi.

The temple was built over 3 years. The main church is named after St. Ekvtime the Godman (Takaishvili). There are also two equestrian churches in the church:  named after St. Ekvtime the Confessor (Kereselidze) and St. Dimitri Kipiani.


As Levan Vasadze noted, the church was built in the name of three saints of recent history: one of them has saved national treasure, the second -  a hymn, and the third -  the dignity of the Georgian nation.

Before the service, His Holiness addressed the parish with a sermon. The saint commanded in his sermon that it was time to build and time to destroy. "We witnessed the time when Georgians were destroying temples and the time when they were building. Our past tells us that Georgians were protecting temples and monasteries from enemies, because the Christian faith is our savior. If it were not for it, Georgians would not be on earth." - said the patriarch.

Ilia II blessed the gathered pilgrims and all of Georgia. His Holiness commemorated the icon of the Holy Trinity to the temple.